Empowering the Global Financial Ecosystem, Enabling the Future of FinTech.


We provide a full range of banking technology solutions, including Digital Banking Platform to help banks digitize their business;Virtual Account BaaS to provide one-stop services for banks and help financial innovation; and Wealth Management Sales to optimize the sales and management of wealth management products.

We offer comprehensive card payment and issuance solutions, including Payment Collection and mobile POS for acquirers, card issuance platforms for Issue Cards and Issue Virtual Cards, as well as  Card Network Financial Product for card organizations, including fund payment, proxy payment, sales, and more. Our aim is to help seamlessly integrate your business into the payment field and improve operational efficiency.

Reshaping and innovating traditional finance, providing services such as Cryptocurrency Payment Collection and  Issue FA Token. Leveraging Web3 technology, we empower financial transactions with greater transparency, security, and efficiency, driving the finance industry towards a more open and decentralized future.

Focused on providing comprehensive financial system services, ensuring the stability and security of IT systems, achieving optimized performance, and reliable data protection. Additionally, through efficient business operational strategies, we help you enhance your business processes, maximize cost-effectiveness, optimize resource allocation, and improve your business competitiveness and market share.

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