Card Network Financial Products

Open Payment Network

Open Payment Network provides basic features for partners to join, interface openness, development document management, and development sandboxes, as well as enhanced capabilities such as account verification, foreign exchange inquiries, token services, online/mobile app checkout, QR code payments, B2B virtual account payments, corporate virtual card issuance, Click to Pay, B2B Connect, and promotion platforms.

UnionPay Payout

UnionPay Payout has established a bank credit business platform centered around China UnionPay, to meet the fast redemption and advance demand of fund clients. This product supports various business models such as basic limit, instant payment and day-to-day redemption, as well as business requirements such as next day redemption. It is widely recognized by bank clients as the most complete and stable credit business platform in the industry.

Payroll Management Platform

In response to national and local policies, integrating resources from various industries, providing comprehensive service capabilities based on payments, empowering all parties related to flexible employment in all aspects, and helping flexible employment economy. China UnionPay provides support for the technology development and operation services of the platform.

Regular Payin

According to the People’s Bank of China’s “Notice on Regulating the Collection Business” (Yinfa [2020] No. 248), the platform is applicable to the collection business in the small loan repayment scenario. Under the premise of signing contracts among cardholders, merchants, and issuing banks, it provides a payment channel for information exchange between banks and small loan merchants through China UnionPay.

B2B Payout

Using the “Order Notification + Payment” mode, the confirmation of order information by the payer is used as authorization for public payment, achieving synchronization of transaction information, fund flow, and logistics information between the two parties. This platform is widely used in the field of online order payment, such as B2B e-commerce platforms, commodity trading centers (exchanges), and so on.


Based on the financial capabilities and distribution platform of UnionPay, combined with the personal consumption ability and rights evaluation system, as well as the installment payment ability, we are working with major financial institutions to build an installment finance ecosystem, which can be used to support various marketing methods such as terminals, home appliances, and telecommunications packages.

Consumer Finance Token

With the help of Token technology and support from UnionPay-bank clearing, Gifpay creates a product platform for banks, linking consumer finance company users with China UnionPay acceptance network to establish a consumer credit ecosystem. The platform enhances the risk management capabilities of consumer finance companies while increasing the credit granted by banks to these companies, achieving a win-win situation for all parties. Currently, it has been deployed in batches in multiple small and medium-sized banks.

Corporate Token Card

Corporate Token Card is based on the bank’s corporate account to create UnionPay card payment vouchers with constraints such as transaction limits, validity periods, and usage scope. Vouchers can be used on the UnionPay acceptance network and actual funds are withdrawn from the bank’s corporate account. The platform provides an integrated solution, including payment scenario merchants, voucher management, and financial cost control, to meet the payment needs of enterprises.

Fund Payment

The Platform primarily serves various fund institutions and issuing banks, and through integration with institutional fund sales systems, it realizes the business functions of investors opening/signing contracts, subscribing/redeeming, receiving dividends, and fast redemption for investment products. It provides a comprehensive solution for the fund industry, while providing real and efficient information on fund subscription and redemption for issuing banks.

Fund Sales

Based on the Cloud QuickPass platform, we undertake the development and business operation of the fund sales system in the financial sector by leveraging C-end traffic. The institutional access principle in the financial sector is open, introducing institutions with fund distribution qualifications (commercial banks or third-party sales organizations) and setting corresponding access standards to ensure the stable operation of the platform.

Acquisition Payout

To meet the huge fund settlement demands of the current Chinese acquisition market, relying on the UnionPay credit business, China UnionPay has realized the “top-up (consumption) + proxy payment (credit)” mode, providing high-quality payment and settlement products for both the buyers and sellers in the acquisition market – the UnionPay acquisition products. This solution fully meets market demands, ensuring smooth fund settlement operations for all parties involved.

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